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Artist Statement

Our sufferings do not magically end; instead we are able to wisely alchemically recycle them. They become the abundant waste that we use to make new growth possible. – bell hooks*


An inner landscape takes form through crystallized tears, maps of inner journeys appear on garments, narratives of loss and pain are shared. The terrible beauty of our longings and losses is first succumbed to and then delicately transformed into expressions of coping and keeping, mending and sorting, nurturing and holding. Here the longings to be able to nurture and love, and to be nurtured and loved, are stitched into the very works themselves. There is futility present, and yet so much is surmounted by the expression of a gesture, thought, or word.

As an artist, I find that there is the opportunity to create—via a “magical process”—using an item of little value and transforming it into something of great meaning, which is central to my work. I transform my own difficult—yet often common—experiences into meaningful expressions by selecting simple and abundant materials such as household goods, garments, plants, and salt, and transforming them via an alchemical-esque process. My use of embroidery and other traditional “women’s work” techniques along with  lived-used domestic objects that have passed from one use to the next over time serves to remind us that the home is the site of our first “world,” and the objects and functions in those homes are charged with meaning.


*All About Love: New Visions. New York: Harper, 2001, 80-81.


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